Subaquatic Eco Tasting for Companies


Immerse Yourself in Barcelona's Submarine Wineries

Dive into a wine tourism experience exclusively designed for corporate events. A sensory journey into the world of wines aged underwater. Accompanied by a professional sommelier, we will explore the depths of this innovative preservation technique, contrasting the differences between wines aged on land and those matured in a marine environment.

Our experts will guide us on a voyage to the underwater wineries in Barcelona, where wine is not only preserved but also contributes to the birth of a unique marine ecosystem. These underwater cellars, besides preserving the wine, have become sanctuaries fostering biodiversity and offering a refuge for various marine species.

This experience redefines the concept of wine tourism. It is not just a journey to uncover the secrets of wine but also an opportunity to contribute to ocean conservation. Perfect for corporate events seeking a different adventure that combines a passion for wine with a profound respect for the environment.



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