Eco Sailing


CSR Activity to Raise Awareness Among Your Work Team about the Environment.

Immerse yourself in an exciting Team Building experience that combines sailing with iPad technology and interactive games, all focused on raising awareness about environmental sustainability and the vital preservation of the marine ecosystem.

This innovative activity aims primarily to foster collaboration and team learning in a unique way. Through challenging games and exercises on iPads, participants will reflect on the importance of caring for our environment and working together towards a more sustainable future.

Navigating through the waters, teams will embark on an educational journey that promotes reflection and dialogue on the environmental challenges facing our planet, especially within the context of the marine ecosystem. The use of iPad technology adds an interactive and dynamic element to the experience, further enriching the learning process.

This experience will not only strengthen collaboration within the team but also inspire participants to take concrete actions to protect the environment. It's a unique opportunity to connect sailing, technology, and environmental awareness in a memorable adventure with a purpose.


  • Sailboats for teams
  • Crew
  • iPads
  • Coach during the activity



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