Perfume Workshop on a Boat for Companies


Enjoy our workshop to create your perfume on a boat in Barcelona

Embark on a truly unique sensory experience on board, where fragrances become the tangible manifestation of your company's corporate values.

In this adventure, participants will be divided into teams, and each group will take on the challenge of creating its own fragrance inspired by the values defined by the company. Creativity will be the compass on this olfactory journey, where each team will work in harmony to craft a unique scent.

At the end, an evaluation of the different perfumes will take place, recognizing and rewarding the team that best managed to express the company's values through their aromatic creation. This experience not only fosters creativity and teamwork but also delves deeper into corporate identity through the senses.

Immerse yourself in this journey that blends creativity, team spirit, and your company's identity, all through the art of perfume. An experience that will leave a lasting impression on the participants and further strengthen the connection with the values that define your company.


  • 2 hours of navigation along the Barcelona Coastline
  • Professional nose
  • 30 Mediterranean fragrances for the creation of 1 perfume
  • Complimentary perfume created