Group Cacao Therapy for Corporate Events on a Boat


Indulge in our corporate group therapy event on a boat in Barcelona.

Transform your corporate event into a unique Cocoa Ceremony experience guided by a professional psychotherapist specializing in group therapies.

The main purpose of this activity is to strengthen team cohesion, fostering an environment of safety and trust. The Cocoa Ceremony focuses on creating a conducive space for participants to connect on a deeper level, share experiences, and strengthen bonds among team members. It's a group therapy session organized on a boat in Barcelona.

Guided by the expert psychotherapist, participants will have the opportunity to explore and express their thoughts, emotions, and goals in an open and genuine manner. The ceremony becomes a catalyst for personal growth and the strengthening of relationships within the team.

This experience not only fosters a sense of community and collaboration but also contributes to the emotional and mental well-being of participants. It's an opportunity to cultivate empathy, understanding, and mutual support in a safe and enriching environment.

Choose the Cocoa Ceremony for your corporate event and create meaningful memories while enhancing the unity and cohesion of your team.


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