Ceramic Workshop with Boat Tour for Companies


Enjoy our ceramic workshop and a boat tour around Barcelona

Immerse yourself in a unique experience that blends the inspiration of the Mediterranean Sea with artistic creativity. During two thrilling hours of sailing along the coast of Barcelona, we will venture into the open sea in search of inspiration. To make this experience even more enriching, the ceramic artist will join us on board the boat and guide the group in exploring the connection between the sea environment and artisanal ceramics. She will offer a unique perspective on how to capture the essence of the Mediterranean Sea through ceramics.

Once the boat experience concludes, a private transfer will take us to the heart of El Born for the ceramic workshop. This workshop has a clear purpose: to convey the beauty and essence of the Mediterranean Sea through artisanal ceramics. Here, each participant will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and craft their own ceramic pieces, inspired by the richness and diversity of the maritime surroundings.

This experience is much more than a simple ceramics workshop; it is an artistic journey that will deeply connect you with the Mediterranean and allow you to express its beauty in your own creations. Discover the magic of the union between nature and art on this memorable journey.