SEMAYA  is a 31-meter long, 4-deck superyacht, built in 1968 to order outside of series construction, which makes it a unique piece. In 2009 a total update was carried out where only the hull and exterior doors were preserved, all systems were replaced with new ones: engines, generators, water and fuel tanks, electrical system and wiring, electronic navigation devices, teak, furniture , hydraulic systems, air conditioning systems, etc.

SEMAYA  is a very safe superyacht, even for the small guests on board, due to the high handrails along the side corridors, a distinctive feature for all these guests and especially families who want to enjoy without worries.

The outside areas are really spacious. At the stern of the main deck we find a table for diners and a perimeter area of ​​sofas. 

The upper deck or third deck offers a sofa area, another table for diners, a solarium and even a 60” TV with excellent hi-fi equipment.

The flybridge is really spacious and includes a full bar, a sofa area and 4 loungers, as well as an excellent sound system.




Cocktail-Lunch on board.

Bar service during the event.

Specialized Sailing Speaker.

AV system to follow the regatta by satellite in real time, displayed on the yacht's screens.

Equipment on board: binoculars, towels, sunscreen, etc. 






General conditions


The company agrees to provide services on the day and time specified in the contract, previously agreed upon by both parties. The company is obliged to comply with the contract as long as the payments are 100% in time and form as indicated in the payment conditions.

Given the situation of port inspections, police, customs or any other type of authority, in port or at sea, the company is not responsible for possible expenses or fines for not complying with the requirements to navigate by the client, nor is responsible for the time it takes to the authorities for inspection. The company has boat insurance against collisions, fire and damages to third parties. The lessee will be covered as long as he/she respects and complies with the legal requirements of the contract and does not act negligently.

The CLIENT and his companions undertake not to commit any type of illegal act against the Spanish laws. If committed, the CLIENT will be the only responsible before the authorities.

The captain has the authority and power to cancel the tour at any time during the charter if the clients do not behave appropriately, cause damage and jeopardize the safety of the group on board. It is strictly PROHIBITED the consumption of drugs or any kind of narcotics. In this case the captain may cancel the charter and return immediately to port without the possibility of refund or claim by the lessee. If, in the opinion of the Carrier, the conduct of the Passenger on board the vessel is likely to endanger the vessel or any person or property on board, or hinders the crew in the performance of their duties, or disregards any instructions of the crew, or threatens, abuses or insults any member of the crew, or behaves in a scandalous manner or in any manner that may be considered offensive to other Passengers, the Carrier may take such action as it deems necessary to prevent such behavior from continuing, including disembarking from the aircraft.

The Carrier will subsequently exercise all legal actions in civil or criminal proceedings that may be appropriate under its law.

For the safety of Passengers and crew members, and in application of the Law of Civil Protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and self-image, it is not permitted to take videos or photographs of any crew member or Passenger, unless they have previously and expressly obtained their consent to do so. Any crew member may request the deletion of those images or videos captured unlawfully or without the appropriate consent. If, as a consequence of the Passenger's conduct on board the vessel, the captain of the vessel purpose of disembarking the Passenger, the Passenger shall pay to the Carrier all costsand expenses arising from such diversion. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted unless purchased on board. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, unless they have been purchased on board.

Carrier's Right to Refuse Carriage to Passengers

The Carrier reserves the right at any time to refuse carriage to a Passenger if, in the opinion of the Carrier: o It is necessary or desirable for reasons of public safety.

o It is necessary or desirable to comply with applicable laws or regulations of the country.

o It is necessary or desirable by reason of the Passenger's conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition (including being under the influence of alcohol or drugs), and which may present a reasonable risk or danger to the Passenger, other Passengers, crew or property.

o It is necessary or desirable to avoid harm, discomfort or serious inconvenience to other Passengers or crew.

o It is necessary or desirable because the Passenger has previously and repeatedly failed to comply with the Carrier's rules and the Carrier has reason to believe that this conduct is likely to recur. This includes circumstances where the Passenger records via video or sound the Carrier's personnel, on board or on the ground.

o It is necessary or desirable because the Passenger refuses to perform security check. o The Passenger has presented to the Carrier any document (a) allegedly acquired in an unlawful manner, (b) reported as lost or stolen, or (c) alleged to be false or to contain modifications or alterations of any kind not made by the Carrier. In such cases, Carrier reserves the right to retain such documents.

o The Passenger has not been able to prove that he/she has paid the ticket in full, the cancellation of the charge on the card with which it was paid has been requested or there is suspicion of fraud.

o The Passenger causes damage to the property of the port or the company. If, for any of the reasons mentioned in this Clause, the Carrier has refused to carry the Passenger or has ejected the Passenger en route, at its discretion, the Carrier may cancel the remaining unused portion. The Carrier is not liable for any consequential damages and shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or bodily injury alleged to be caused by the refusal to carry the Passenger. In the event that the Passenger exhibits a violent attitude, physical or verbal, the Carrier may request the intervention of the Port Security Forces and Bodies.





Cancel conditions


1. Cancellation due to adverse sailing conditions. In the event that the AC organization officially suspends the regattas due to weather conditions that prevent the competition and the departure of the boats contracted to follow the same from their moorings (strong winds, heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, etc.) the companies undertake to propose an alternative day to the client (among those selected by the same AC) or the refund of 100% of the amount paid (the cancellation policies of the services contracted to third parties such as F&B will be respected).

2. Cancellation of races due to conditions adverse to the competition. In the event that the AC organization officially suspends the regattas due to lack of wind and/or conditionsthat prevent the competition from taking place but not the departure of the boats contracted to follow the competition, the companies will offer the client the alternative of continuing to enjoy the event. If the client decides not to go ahead with the event and does not make it to boarding, he/she will be entitled to a 50% refund (the cancellation policies of services contracted to third parties such as F&B will be respected).

3. Cancellation of races during the competition. Provided that the AC organization officially suspends the regattas due to any reason it considers (not meteorological) and the boats contracted for the follow-up have already sailed, the companies will propose to the client the alternative of continuing to enjoy the event. If clients wish to return to port, they will not be entitled to any refund. 


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