J.S. Elcano Experience

Come inside the Spanish navy jewel - The J.S. Elcano

Welcome aboard the Navy Training Ship "Juan Sebastián de Elcano", probably our most representative and best known ship, both in Spain and outside our country, especially emotional for those Spaniards who live in other parts of the world, for whom visiting it is always a reunion and a link with their homeland and their countrymen. For the country visited, it is a beautiful, young and friendly embassy from a friendly nation. Her silhouette is well known to lovers of tall ships, and she has a great power of attraction for the public in the ports where she docks.


The Navy strives to take great care of its most emblematic and symbolic ship, which is held in very special affection, no doubt due to the fond memories of the ship by all those who have sailed on it since 1928, the year in which it began its voyage with the Marine Guards who were studying at the Naval Military School. For all of them, the "Elcano" is a living memory of the institution and, for many, a nostalgia of youth.


Between 7 and 13 September the ship opens its doors for visitors in Barcelona to receive a 1-hour guided tour by its crew.


Limited spots!